My name is Harold J. Landreneau and I am running for Harris County Criminal Court #2 in the March 2018 Democratic Primary. Election day is just around the corner and I need your help and campaign contribution today in advance of our next fundraising deadline of December 31. With your assistance we can change the leadership in Criminal Court #2.


I am a 10-year experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer and the returning Democratic Candidate in this race. I have represented thousands of Criminal Clients and tried several hundred Criminal Cases to a jury verdict and I am ready to hit the ground running and serve the people in Criminal Court #2 on day one.

The Republican Incumbent in Criminal Court #2 has abandoned his duty to ensure justice and fairness in his Court and often comes in late after 11:00am each morning. He shows his bias toward the prosecution through his actions while on the bench and he has been reprimanded by the Texas Judicial Conduct Commission because of his behavior. Citizens cannot get a fair trial in his Court, it is time for a change.

As the new Judge in Criminal Court #2, I will work with everyone to find solutions in Court and call cases to trial when necessary to preserve the accused’s rights. I will attend and start Court early each morning, treat people with dignity and respect and act and rule fairly and impartially as a Judge should, to restore fairness and confidence in our County Courts.

County-wide campaigns are expensive and I cannot do this all by myself. Help me make these changes to Criminal Court #2. I need your financial contributions today to help me get the vote out and show the strength of my support before next year. The individual contribution limit in my race is $5,000, please consider donating that much to my Campaign, or the largest amount you are comfortable with.

I have a primary opponent and I need your help to get my message out to voters. Support my campaign with a generous contribution today and help me return the Presumption of Innocence and fair trials to Criminal Court #2. Thanks so much for your help.